Our Mission, Vision, Values




Thresholds Homes and Supports Inc., is a recovery-oriented, community-integrated agency that focuses on improved quality of life and enhanced independence for people experiencing mental health issues by providing access to affordable housing and flexible, individualized supports.




Thresholds Homes and Supports Inc. will be a proven leader in an integrated mental health services community by:

  • becoming a more culturally-diverse, holistic-focused organization
  • responding more effectively to the increasing complexity of people’s needs and aspirations
  • creating more housing and services sites offering increased choices.


Person-focused: We believe that services and supports be planned with the person and based on what is important to them.

Hope: We believe in the potential for growth and change in every person.

Recovery: We believe in the potential of everyone to live a meaningful and fulfilling life where one’s own personal goals, hopes and dreams are pursued.

Self-determination: We believe in a person’s right to make their own decisions about their life.

Quality of Life: We believe in improving the physical and psychological well-being of people.

Integrity: We believe in the ethical practice of fairness and justice for all.

Collaboration: We believe in working together to facilitate the best possible supports for the people we serve.

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